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Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
Tiburon Real Estate
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Population: 8,666
Number of Homes: 3,893
Home Values 2015:
Medain Price Single Family $2,545,000
Medain Price Condo $940,000

Aerial view of Tiburon by lMike Jetter (DiscoveriesFromAbove)

Welcome to Tiburon, CA
A Special Peninsula in the Bay

With over 17 miles of continuous shoreline, Tiburon residents usually have an eye on the water. If you are looking for real estate with a water view, the Tiburon peninsula is one of the most spectacular places to live in Marin with sweeping views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Sausalito hills, and Mt. Tamalpais.

The city of Tiburon’s name derives from the Spanish word tiburón, which means "shark".

From the ferry dock in downtown Tiburon you can commute aboard the Blue and Gold Fleet to work in the San Francisco Financial District, or take a day trip to Angel Island State Park - for great hiking, picnics, and biking - on the Tiburon-Angel Island Ferry .

Unknown to many outside of the area is a special part of Tiburon north along the Bay on Paradise Drive. Tiburon real estate faces a wide expanse of very quiet bay to the east. Lot sizes large and many have bay frontage and private beaches.

A little further north on Paradise Drive is the unique community of Paradise Cay, built out on the Bay in the 1960’s.

The acclaimed Tiburon schools are ranked among the best in the nation and remain one of the reasons that Tiburon maintains it’s real estate values.

Tiburon Community Information

Favorite Places to Visit in Tiburon

  • Angel Island Ferry leaves from the dock on Main Street to Angel Island State Park The largest island in San Francisco Bay is a good day trip for picnics, hiking, or cycling.
  • Blackie's Pasture is at the sharp turn in Tiburon Blvd. You can't miss it on your trip from Highway 101 to downtown. Named after the horse that grazed here in retirement for many years, the pasture is the start of a magical bayside walk that takes you downtown. You have views of Sausalito, Richardson Bay, San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge. There is no better level walk in Marin County.
  • Friday Nights on Main On Friday nights in the summer, locals and visitors gather to enjoy live music on Main Street and to dine on tables set up in the street. A wonderful gathering place for local families and visitors.
  • Paradise Beach Park, a quiet bayside park on the farside of the Tiburon Peninsula.
  • Shopping in Historic Tiburon on Main Street and Arc Row. Two short blocks of shops and restaurants at the heart of Old Tiburon are a great place to visit anytime of year, Main Street provides views across the Bay.
  • The waterfront promenade from Main Street east toward Paradise Drive provides spectacular views of the bay and San Francisco. This walk passes the area that was once a bustling rail yard at the end of the Marin train line. From here, ferryboats took rail cars across to San Francisco.
  • Tiburon Yacht Club at Paradise Cay. This relaxed yacht club is at the north end of Paradise Cay.

Tiburon Restaurants

  • Guaymas on the corner of Main Street provides great views and upscale Mexican food. The drinks are good and they serve outstanding salsa with their chips. The view and atmosphere are great for adult singles and families.
  • Sam’s Anchor Café is a wonderful place to dine casually over the water with views of the boats, Belvedere Island, and San Francisco. The food is good and the service is friendly. The deck can be hot when the sun is out and cool when it is not, but it is hard to complain. There is also plenty of indoor dining with a view and an old-fashioned bar.
  • Servino Ristorante on the waterfront has live music at night. Serving Italian food, this is a good place for drinks and snacks in a sophisticated atmosphere. Great accommodations for large parties.
  • The Caprice, a two-minute walk east of Old Town Tiburon, combines spectacular views of San Francisco, Angel Island, and Sausalito, with very good food. Wonderful for any special occasion or special evening.
  • Sweet Things is a excellent bakery in the Cove Shopping Center, about a third of the way from Highway 101 to downtown Tiburon.
  • Additional dining options.

Special Occasions in Tiburon

  • Old St. Hilary’s Church – 1888, a deconsecrated church building owned and maintained by the Belvedere-Tiburon Landmarks Society , may be reserved for any appropriate function such as weddings, name day celebrations, memorial services, concerts and recitals. You can see the church up the hill above the downtown.
  • The Corintian Yacht Club – this 100+ year old club, with spectacular views of the Bay abd the San Francisco skyline, is a great location for your party or event.

Tiburon Hotels

  • The Lodge at Tiburon is right on Tiburon Blvd, just a few blocks from the water. The Lodge has a dog friendly restaurant, The Tiburon Tavern,
  • Waters Edge Hotel on Main Street is an elegant retreat with stunning views of San Francisco across the water. If you want to do Tiburon in style, this is the only hotel on the water.

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