Marin Real Estate
Marin Real Estate
Marin Real Estate
Marin Real Estate
Marin County

Population: 247,289
Number of Homes: 104,990
Number Sold in 2015: 3,145
Home Values 2015:
Median Price Single Family $1,105,000
Median Price Condo: $560,000

Welcome to Marin County, CA

Marin County is paradise; newcomers are amazed and old-time residents are grateful to be living here. We enjoy natural beauty, open space, clean air, and clean water, with San Francisco and the Wine Country only a few miles away.

You can find Marin real estate immersed in redwoods or oak groves, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, on the placid San Francisco Bay, on sunny flatlands by the bay, in fern-filled canyons, or in grass-covered rolling hills. The variety is endless.

Marin County begins as you pass the north tower of  the Golden Gate Bridge (on Highway 101) and enter  the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The first few freeway exits lead to the popular and magical City of Sausalito. Many people stop here or at nearby Muir Woods National Monument, captivated by the spectacular views. However, the charm of Marin County just begins here and extends about 65 miles north to Bodega Bay and Sonoma County. Lets us show you the wonders of Marin County.

Marin is home to only about 247,000 people in 520 square miles of land (plus 308 square miles of water). Population growth in Marin is limited, as over 80% of the land is preserved as parks or open space. All who live in Marin benefit from the natural environment and the exceptionally high value of Marin real estate.

Marin has 14 incorporated towns and about the same number of villages scattered though memorable countryside. There is a place for you in Marin, and Madeline Schaider Real Estate can find your perfect Marin home.

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The three markers in this map indicate the north and south boundaries of Marin County, and the location of Madeline Schaider Real Estate in Corte Madera.